Friday, January 24, 2014

Chassid From Cedarhurst

Circus Tent - הירשל ציג'ס בלאג: Readers Write...

Reb Hirschel, It's amazing how diverse a readership you attract. Its a real opportunity for some serious hafotzas maayanos, especially since the fringe element of your readership is so desperately seeking it. It's easy to tell that what the cabove author was lacking in his most formative years was a mentor that believed in him and had confidence in his ability to positively effect his surroundings - consequentially, he is left scorning at a sect of people who actually know what this world is about and are able to detect when an estranged Jew truly wants a life of Torah and mitzvos that is all a credit to our Rebbe. Chazak V'ematz! We need more Chabad content because clearly thats what your readers are seeking.